Goodstreet Productions

we're cool!

What's Goodstreet?
Goodstreet is a project, dedicated to non label-release oriented least not in the traditional way.
We create music especially for commercials, movies, games, exhibitions, presentations, media contents in general and for the fun of doing it.

Why are we cool?
We have the creativity, feeling and knowledge to produce in a wide range of music genres and emotions. But this doesn't make us cool. We're cool because we needed a catchy slogan.

Can I use Goodstreet music for my project?
Yeah! All of the tunes here are available for non-exclusive licensing. Depending on the size and distribution of your project, we might ask you for a little courtesy so we can keep on beeing cool. If you are looking for your own, exclusive goodie, especially produced for your project, we can talk about it.

How can I get in touch with Goodstreet?
It's easy! Use the mail form below.

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Don't call us before 3pm! We're sleeping.
Video "Funky Hot Wheels"

Rock And Pop

Chill Out Vibes

Clubby, Dancy, Trancy

Dark And Slow

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